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SDIC Testimonials

"The Premiere West Coast Investment Forum"


"I have attended two of [Mr. Howell's conferences- the San Diego Investment Conference and the West Coast Wall Street Conference. I found them to be the mother lode for our venture capital firm looking for real opportunities. The presentations were short, to the point, and very informative- It made it easy to screen the applicants and pick out the choice prospects for our investments. "

- Robert Cashman, president of Hallmark Venture Group



""Gary E. Bryant's award is a fitting tribute to conferences as well as to all of Patrick Howell's other conferences. These conferences are the front line of the emerging businesses of all kinds. It allows companies like ours to present our products and services to interested and engaged investors. We are really proud to participate in the West Coast Wall Street Conference. "

- Presenting company and sponsor, International Money Management represented by CEO Gil Figueroa



"The West Coast Wall Street Conference was a game changer for Bill the Butcher, in terms of meeting strategic alliances and boosting the volume of our stock. We are already committed to doing the next one in January."

- J'Amy Owens, CEO of Seattle OTCBB company Bill the Butcher



"We have attended two San Diego Investment Conferences this year, both as presenters and attendees, and I highly recommend the event. We have made numerous contacts regarding our funding, as well as industry contacts to further our business. Patrick runs a great event, which is very professionally done. He is also unique in his efforts to make sure everyone gets to meet and talk with the right people attending to get the most out of the day. The conference is more well attended by investors, presenters and investments groups each time, and we will certainly be participating in the future as our needs grow."




"We at OvaGene have worked with Patrick Howell for almost a year now and have been very pleased with his personal approach to his clients, his attention to detail and follow through and his sincere commitment to our success. Patrick has developed a high quality product in the San Diego Investment Conference including helpful support services from Green Diamond Investor Relation Services. Patrick is well connected in the angel investment community and his enthusiasm garners the attention and interest of a wide range of entrepreneurial investors. We highly recommend Patrick and his SDIC for all startup, early stage entrepreneurs."

- Jay Coonan M.D., Founder, Executive VP, OvaGene Oncology Inc.


I am impressed. Hands down, the San Diego Conference was, without a doubt, the best return we have experienced to date... the network you have created enabled us to make more quality contacts, meet a larger number of real investors with an interest, and achieve our goals with the upmost effectiveness. On top of that, we received over a dozen mail orders, several partnership and Franchisee inquiries, a future employee of a high caliber, and most importantly, a productive business relationship and friendship with you, that, I know will both last a long time, and create prosperity for each of us, as well as our new friends and investors. I had a great time, and could not be more pleased with your efforts. I look forward to our next trip to San Diego."

-W. Jason Ford, CEO/President, Texas Hill Country Barbecue, SDIC Presenting Company



Sutter Gold is a junior miner headed toward production in 2011. It is critical at this point that we get this story out to the investment community. After presenting at the San Diego Investment Conference this December we couldn’t be more pleased with the numerous investorsandbrokers in attendance,many of whom will be long term contacts. In addition the presentation will be on the conference website reaching thousands. As a small company it can be difficult choosing from the multitude of media options available but this conference is a definite return engagement for us."
- Bob Hutmacher, CFO, Sutter Gold, SDIC Presenting Company


The San Diego Investment Conference was absolutely incredible. Patrick Howell was the mastermind behind this and he pulled together a conference that is reshaping the American Economy. This financial conference is funding the visions, passions, and pocketbooks of tomorrows leading companies.
- Ted McGrath, Author, Speaker, Coach, and CEO of RiZe Global, SDIC Strategic Partner


Hi Patrick,
I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for fitting us in at the SDIC on Saturday. Even though we called you at the last minute, you made it easy for us to participate. We are having conversations with many potential investors that we met on Saturday and we feel very confident that something positive will come from having participated. We would definitely be interested in being involved in the next conference as well.
All my best,

-Sandy Reihl, Your Offers, SDIC Presenting Company


"Patrick is a passionate advocate for every company and organization that he works with. His energy is contagious and he brings it constantly. His optimism and can-do attitude pushes projects to successful conclusions. I enjoy working with him and look forward to many successful ventures together."
-Jay Goth, Principal, Redtail Capital, October 24, 2010


I was impressed with the attendance and caliber of the attendees at SDIC… I've attended many Angel and Investment Conferences, as a presenter and attendee and the SDIC rated up there in the top three. You did a very professional and organized job.

- Marty Nason, CEO Casey Containers, SDIC Presenting Company


"’Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.’
Patrick A. Howell exemplifies the attributes described in the above quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. His genius manifests itself in his gift for attracting the human and material resources required to build alliances and generate business opportunities. Patrick’s entrepreneurial acumen and professional experience inspire confidence in his clients and colleagues that he has the talent and energy to drive any deal to success. He articulates attainable possibility and realizes these possibilities into lucrative gains. A resolute and bold visionary, Patrick dedicates himself to the creation of financial wealth through global business networks.

- Dr.Lorri Clark, Esq.,Attorney, Lorri M. Clark, Attorney at Law, January 18, 2009


"Patrick -
I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work, energy and the way you pieced everything together yesterday (and the weeks before). For an inaugural event, I was surprised how well it all came together. I've put on events like this and from the outside looking in, we weren't aware of any major problems or issues. Bravo!
- David Larson, CFO / COO True Diagnostic, SDIC Presenting Company


"Patrick is a visionary who is able to see into the higher realms of human potential and possibility. The true visionary walks the fine and often challenging line between the inspired world – intuition, reflection, the Divine-inspired – and the material world of action, effects, systems, powerful special interests, ego, status quo, and tangible results. As such, Patrick is the conduit between these dimensions of higher thought and our physical reality… He doesn't allow himself to be hypnotized by the limiting mindset or the mass hallucination about what's popular or "normal". Instead, he is interested in pulling people up; he invigorates and stirs a greater possibility

-Hanna Wagari, Partner and co-founder of SDIC, April 17, 2008


"Dear Patrick:
The conference was very well attended. We were the first company to present. I was disappointed I did not get to hear other presentations as the interest for Aztec Solar Power was overwhelming and I ended up spending the entire day giving one-on-one presentations outside of the confernence room.
We came to the conference to share our incredible growth story and set the stage to meet with potential investors at the next conference in February. But the appetite for Solar was immediate and many new relationships were forged. We highly recommend attending one of these conferences. The economy may be struggling, but America's entrepreneurial energy is strong and there are emerging companies out there well positioned for the next decade.
- John Hammerschmidt, Aztec Solar Power


"Dear Patrick:
Thank you again for inviting me to attend your initial San Diego Investment Conference. The quality of companies were both higher than normal and they were more optimistically poised to take advantage of their niches in the current market place. The accredited investor likes these types of unique, financial opportunities. Good luck in the future and keep me on your mailing list.

- Grant Bettingen, accredited investor


We wanted to congratulate you and SDIC for putting together such a wonderful inaugural event last Saturday. We were very impressed with your choice of sponsors and the attendance reflected your hard work. Thank you for including Cygni Securities and we look forward to your next event.
- Michael Ross


"As a presenting company at the San Diego Investment Conference, I was extremely pleased at the outcome and assistance that I received. Patrick made special attempts to introduce me to individuals and companies that would best match the offering that we had. It didn’t stop there though. After the conference, Patrick stayed in touch and provided me information on people that requested more information on our offering to him, individuals that had connections in our field and even guided us on how to do some of the follow up. This being our first offering the support was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend using Patrick’s services and I plan on attending any other conference that he hosts."

- Jeff Meyer,VP of Finance, K&M



"After attending the San Diego Investment Conference’s inaugural event, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I was very impressed with the Executive Director, Patrick Howell’s ability to assemble a crowd of serious, pre-qualified investors with high value investment opportunities. He skillfully connected with the audience in a way that seemed to make everyone comfortable but also very engaged. I leapt at the opportunity to participate in SDIC’s second event and am very proud to have my company’s name associated with this premier event. I fully expect to leverage my participation into a funding event in the near future."

- Michael Hurst, Founder and CEO, ChloroFill,



"Patrick Howell is one of the young successful leaders in the California Financial and Investment Community who has achieved a national following for his many significant accomplishments, including and not limited to launching the California Financial Times, where he is the Editor and Publisher of a prominent online and print magazine; the founder and Executive Director of the San Diego Investment Conference Series, which runs well attended investor gatherings in Southern California for emerging global Small Cap Companies; and is a leader in attracting promising growth companies to the Capital Market Sources and Investors in California and other key financial markets. Patrick has been honored by many successful leaders in Corporate America and is on a fast track to becoming one of the well known leaders in the California and Global Investment Scene. Patrick gives back to the Community and is very responsive to the needs and goals of his clients and his widespread following."

- Alan Stone, Managing Director, WallStreet Research™



"It is impossible to write a brief recommendation for Patrick Howell because there are too many "Way-to go's" that one might say. However, three little words come to mind: "Yesterday, Enthusiasm, Serious (YES)" Yesterday because I have always know Patrick to deliver on promises made yesterday, not later than next day; Enthusiasm is sometimes mistaken for "bubbling excitement" when helping an entrepreneur achieve the next step, and Serious because inside his will to deliver with enthusiasm, is a deep thinker for his friends and neighbors. So, "YES" is our man Patrick!"

-Ben Doherty, President of the Turtle Creek Club, Inc. and the Fat Cat Club, LLC; Past President of the National Eagles and Angrels Association


We find that the most difficult part about raising growth capital is finding the audience that is willing to listen to your story. We have spoken at a number of events over the years with audiences in the hundreds. After having the opportunity to speak at your event, we were truly impressed by the quality of the participants at the MIIC. In addition, we are very pleased with the post-conference feedback we have gotten from other attendees. It was definitely worth the time and money. Thank you!"

- Joshua Knotts, MBA Marketing Director, Sage Harbor IRA Investments, Inc.

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