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"Our Economy is in the midst of a radical revitalization, not unlike the spring of 1933 when U.S. recovery from the Great Depression was spurned by defense and American innovation in the factories. Never has being a successful business owner or successfully structuring capital for small cap companies been more patriotic"

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San Diego Investment Conference
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Christian W. Howell - Co-Chairman of the Board

Christian W. Howell aka C-dub was born in Irvine, CA and currently resides in San Diego where he is completing a world class education, while overseeing the SDIC President and Executive Director in their day to day activities. In his spare time, Mr. Howell-Wagari loves to play the guitar, swim, watch cartoons, eat a good peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, watch Tom and Jerry (as well as the WB Bugs Bunny and Justice League), sip a good chocolate milk and explore the iPad.



Patrick A. Howell - Executive Director and CEO

Patrick is the founder and current Executive Director of the San Diego Investment Conference (SDIC).  SDIC is the cornerstone organization for the West Coast Wall Street Conference, Beverly Hills Investment Conference, International Investment Conference of Miami and California Financial Times.  Prior to SDIC, Patrick served with his mentor Gary E. Bryant as Executive Vice President of Business Development with Newport Capital Consultants, a consultant with the Southern California Investment Assoication and a founding member of Southwest Investment Association in Dallas, Texas. With Newport Capital Consultants, he worked significantly in investment relations with companies as Earth Energy Reserves (a Denver based company with onshore operations in Northern Louisiana extracting natural gas from coal bed methane), taking them on a ‘dog and pony’ show throughout Southern California to the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach and Symphony Towers in San Diego assisting to raise their initial $1.5MM.

Prior to Newport Capital Consultants, Patrick worked nearly 15 years in financial markets from Market Street, San Francisco to Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego) to Wall Street in global and Fortune 500 companies as Wells Fargo, BNP Paribus, RR Donnelley Financial, Fleet Boston Financial (Bank of America) and Africa Connects International in capacities as varied as entrepreneur, financial advisor, branch manager and business banker.  Patrick attended the University of California at Berkeley as a standout writer and entreprenuer, contributing to the Daily Cal and African American Literary Journal and founding the campus newsmagazine, "Diatribe - A People of Color News Collective".

Patrick's mother is a former engineer with the PacBell in Sacramento and a current teacher's union officer who immigrated to the United States from Panama.  His inspiration for forming SDIC comes from a combination of factors including the radical decline of the US and world markets at the onset of the 21st Century, a love of the game that is investment banking in small cap to mid cap commercial markets, and a promise he made as a child to his father, an immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago and professor and founder of the Alternative to Western Civilation program at Standford University and author of "The Ideology of Racism".  Patrick promised Dr. Howell that in the eventuality of a great depression he would never ever get depressed and that he could anything he set his mind to.

Watch Video : Opening Speech at Inaugural SDIC Conference
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Patrick A. Howell in Opportunist Magazine
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Brian Jue - Executive Coordinator

Brian Jue brings over 23 years of professional experience focused on fast growth companies in the areas of venture capital, private equity, international investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, and as a CEO of multiple private and public companies. He is a driven, team oriented, and relationship-based professional with a cumulative background that covers a breadth of industries and specialties. Mr. Jue is the CEO and Founder of ProFormance Capital, Inc., a financial consulting firm founded in 2002. ProFormance has been a venture capital/private equity source and has worked with IPO’s and public offerings of multiple emerging growth companies. Along with his expertise in matters of capital formation, the public securities market, and corporate structure, he has been CEO of companies in the high technology sector, manufacturing, product distribution, and the sports and entertainment industries. His background in the sports industry includes working with the NFL, MLB, and high profile professional athletes.Mr. Jue is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Law and Society.


Hanna Wagari - Chief Financial Officer

Hanna is currently Director of Finance and Operations with SDIC. She is a 20 year veteran of the executive’s office, having worked her way up the corporate ladder from an account executive to director of business development. Hanna has extensive marketing experience in consumer goods, nutraceutical and biotechnology sectors with emphasis in the areas of strategy development, resource allocation, business analysis, tactical marketing, communications and public relations.
Hanna is a graduate of the University of Texas in Arlington with a B.A. in finance.


Brandon S. Chabner - Esq. In House Counsel

After attending Yale College, where he graduated with honors and majored in Political Science, and UCLA Law School (law review). In 1994, Brandon left the practice of law to attend Harvard Business School, where his studies focused on general management and regulated industries. After receiving his MBA and returning to Los Angeles, CA, Brandon’s law firm affiliations have included Greenberg Traurig and Troop Steuber. More recently and before starting his own practice, Brandon served as General Counsel for ESI Enterprises, a multimillion dollar revenue distributor and trader of consumer electronics products, located in Woodland Hills, CA.


Mr. John Balicki - Sr. Analyst and Financial Ninja, The California Financial Times

Supporting the development, investment, and construction of Utility-Scale Wind & Photovoltaic projects. Mr. Balicki (aka 'Financial Ninja') is actively involved on the advisory board of development teams focused on accelerating the application of "smart-grid" infrastructure & algaculture technologies. Mr. Balicki enjoys a consulting background in Energy (Wind, Solar, Nuclear, LNG), M&A Valuation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property Valuation, and Ant-Money Laundering. Mr. Balicki is a Certified Public Accountant and enjoys specialities in Clean-Tech & High-Tech Ventures, Financial Modeling & Valuation, Commercial Real Estate, Project & Business Development.


Melissa Christian - Producer, The California Financial Times

Melissa Christian has two Bachelors Degrees from UC Irvine, one in Film & Media Studies and the other in Literary Journalism. She has five years of experience with independent video production, filming and editing everything from conferences and documentaries, to commercials and music videos. She currently works as a producer/editor for a Film, Television & Multimedia Production Company located in Irvine, CA.


Nicky Rachel Pokusa - Photographer, The California Financial Times

Born in the Czech Republic, Nicky Pokusa has been taking photos since childhood capturing life's moments through her photography. She is a Santa Monica, California based self taught photographer who is constantly learning and growing. Weddings, events, portraits, concerts are just a few examples of what she photographs. Her motto is 'capturing the unnoticeable.'


Wendy Drpic - Event Coordinator

Ms. Wendy Drpic is currently a relationship manager with Bernini Capital, a botique commercial real estate firm in Los Angeles and enjoys an 8 year career in financial services with global Fortune 500 and publically traded companies. Ms. Drpic enjoys a sharp business acumen as well as large roladex of mover's and shakers. She is a graduate of Pitzer College and Mr. San Antonio College.


Jesseca Crissey - Event Coordinator

Jesseca is currently the marketing and public relations director at the Keating Hotels Group. Jesseca has been an event coordinator with the Gas Lamp District for nealy two years where she promoted, organized and executed all major events, coordinated all traditional marketing, email blasts, social media and website marketing efforts and was one of the driving forces behind such signature events as the "Downtown Mardi Gras" and "Monster Bash". She has also served Garden Conservancy and Domino Magazine - Conde Naste in the editorial department as an events and PR Intern. Jesseca is a graduat of the Universiy of San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. She has also studied internationally with Iteso Univeristy in Guadalajara Mexico.


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