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About SDIC

"The America Economy is in the midst of a radical revitalization. Never has being a successful investment banker, successfully raising capital for small cap companies been more patriotic." - Patrick A. Howell, Founder and Executive Director SDIC

The SDIC Team

The San Diego Investment Conference (SDIC)

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Is your company looking for a new group of accredited investors to present your opportunity to?
Are you looking to make Southern California investment bankers aware of your opportunity?

Publicly traded small and micro cap companies cannot take for granted large audiences will follow and support their stock. These investor audiences must be proactively sought out and maintained through full-time public and investor relations programs. SDIC is the premiere opportunity throughout Southern California.

Here are some of the added advantages of attending the December SDIC meeting:

Our members represent key industry services including Advisory, 15-C211 Transactions, Bridge Financing, Common Stock Offerings, Compliance Advisory, Debt Financing, Market Exposure, PIPEs, Private Equities, Private Placements, M&A, Reg. 144, Reg. S, Reverse Mergers, Secondary Transactions, Shell Mergers and Underwriting.

In addition:

Our Advisory Board

Our board of directors and advisory board are renowned nationally in small cap investment banking as well as investment relations conferences with over 200 years of combined experience

Our members have successfully completed equity offerings

Our members have raised millions in new capital for emerging growth companies

    The San Diego Investment Conference ("SDIC") was formed to help select companies share information and present investment opportunities. The SDIC assists small to mid-sized emerging-growth public and private companies in gaining exposure and creating funding awareness. SDIC conferences are intended to provide FINRA broker/dealers, investment bankers, investment advisors, analysts, financial managers, fund managers, institutions, media and accredited investors with a forum for networking and communication.

    Why members attend our conferences:

    • "Loved the location, the presenting companies, the organizer, the attendance, and the hand outs."
    • "The turn out was great and the people in attendance seemed very knowledgeable."
    • "interesting business situations were depicted."
    • "making new connections"
    • "I like the variety of companies that presented."
    • "Good people."
    • "the spirit, the environment"
    • "convenience, well organized"
    • "good facilities and well organized"



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